Golden Seashell

Golden Seashell
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Golden Seashell
This bold dramatic pendant is sure to make a statement in any crowd! Sure to be a favorite from day one! The gold has a slight hint of green with a dark blue backing.

Pendant size: Weight 27.3g x Height 8cm x Width 4 1/2cm

My unique jewelry is made with Borosilicate glass or the brand name, Pyrex. It is a very hard glass that is durable and scratch resistant. The kind of Glass Blowing I do is called lamp working. Torches are used to melt and shape this glass. These torches reach incredible temperatures, as high as 5300 degrees Fahrenheit. The colors that you see come from using dichroic and or by mixing metals like 24k gold, silver, copper and other elements in to the glass.

Dichroic refers to the capability of some crystals to show two different colors when you look at them from different angles. Dichroic glass was developed by NASA to be used in face shields for astronaut space suits.

So yes our jewelry will change colors and get different tones as you move them!

-Dichroic Pendants in the Sun demo Video-

All jewelry comes in a gift box.

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They make great gifts too!!
What better way to let someone know that they are special?