Djoser's Pyramid

"Djoser's Pyramid" HandMade Glass Pendant
"Djoser's Pyramid" HandMade Glass Pendant
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"Djoser's Pyramid" HandMade Glass Pendant
Djoser is a pharaoh of the Third Dynasty of Egypt. He is also known as his Horus name, Netjerikhet, which means "body of the gods." Djoser commissioned Imhotep to build the first of the pyramids, which we now know as The Step Pyramids of Djoser.

Pendant size: Weight 5.6g x Height 3 1/2cm x Width 3 1/4cm

Pendant has a Sterling Silver Bail, a 1.5mm Sterling Silver Box chain and comes in a gift box.

A Glimpse Into Our Minds

Molten glass, blazing flames, exotic metals, sturdy hands and imagination of a dreamer, the ability of dichroic glass to reflect light of one color and cause it to appear as a different color, all encased in the strength of borosilicate glass makes this pendant unique. No other person in the world will have an exact copy of this item.

Our jewelry changes color and gets different tones as you move them!

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They make great gifts too!!
What better way to let someone know that they are special?