Moonlit Gardens

"Moonlit Gardens" Silver and Glass Earrings
"Moonlit Gardens" Silver and Glass Earrings
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Product Description

These are a must have for any beautiful lady in your life. They are simple and elegant perfect for any occasion. The powder blue dichroic intertwined with borosilicate glass and sterling silver will dazzle and amaze the sight while dancing in the moonlight.

One Earring Weights g Height cm x Width cm

A Glimpse Into Our Minds

Molten glass, blazing flames, exotic metals, sturdy hands and imagination of a dreamer, the ability of dichroic glass to reflect light of one color and cause it to appear as a different color, all encased in the strength of borosilicate glass makes these Earrings unique. No other person in the world will have an exact copy of this item.

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They make great gifts too!!
What better way to let someone know that they are special?