Untouched Waters

"Untouched Waters" Silver & Glass Necklace
"Untouched Waters" Silver & Glass Necklace
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"Untouched Waters" Silver & Glass Necklace
To go where no man has gone before is a fantasy not many can accomplish. Now, with the help of this stunningly beautiful pendant, anything is possible! The inside of this one of a kind handmade pendant, is like one of those untouched waters, we know it's there we can see its beauty and admire it, we just can't touch it.

The necklaces is 18" and is made of 925 Sterling Silver and Weights 23.9g with the Pendant. The charm Size: Height 3cm x Width 3cm

A Glimpse Into Our Minds

Molten glass, blazing flames, exotic metals, sturdy hands and imagination of a dreamer, the ability of dichroic glass to reflect light of one color and cause it to appear as a different color, all encased in the strength of borosilicate glass makes this pendant necklace unique. No other person in the world will have an exact copy of this item.

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They make great gifts too!!
What better way to let someone know that they are special?